CFES Stories

Posted by Jim Rutkowski on 2/3/2013

Diehl Elementary Math Mentoring Games

On February 1st, 30 6th grade Diehl CFES Scholars hosted more than 60 4th graders to participate in a number of board games that require the use of math skills to play and complete.  These games, created by the mentors, included the use of the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division concepts that are part of the math curriculum.  Each mentor also had to create the rules of the game and ensure that the younger students answer correctly as they moved their game pieces around the board.  More than 25 parents were invited to be the first to try out the game and watch as their child worked with their mentee to complete the game and reinforce the application of math concepts at both grade levels.  Three different 4th grade classes participated in the morning event and parents were then invited to stay for a special lunch with their child and share the experiences of the day.  Staff and parents commented on the high level of responsibility exhibited by the mentor and the strong relationships that exist between mentor and mentee.
Diehl Math Mentoring
Pfeiffer-Burleigh Mentoring
On January 17th, the 7th grade CFES mentors visited their first grade mentees to watch a video that depicted the life and messages of Martin Luther King.  During the presentation, the video was paused at certain spots so that teachers and Mentors could explain to the younger students the significance of certain events and how it has changed the way we currently live.  The 7th grade Scholars, in preparation for this event, have been reading and discussing the teachings of Martin Luther King and how they should address certain issues with their younger mentees.  The older students did a fantastic job of relating their knowledge to their mentees and handling the questions that arose.  These two classes have been meeting on a regular basis throughout the year and the personal relationships between young and old is very apparent.
Pfeiffer-Burleigh Mentors
Lincoln Elementary's Stop - Drop and Mentor
Once a month, all students at Lincoln Elementary take a short break from the normal school day to particpate in a school-wide mentoring event.  Each month, this event focuses on developing a positive behavioral trait through "book buddies" reading a story together and completing a worksheet or activity that reinforces the lessons revealed in the story.  Through these activites, the CFES scholars at Lincoln are improving their reading skills, learning how to communicate with others, and producing a positive culture of respect and teamwork within the school.  Past themes included; being positive no matter what confronts you in life, believing that dreams can come true if you work at them, and the theme for February will be centered on being kind to all.  The mentoring at this school has reduced bullying and the relationships and friendships between all students is evident as one walks the halls of Lincoln Elementary.
Lincoln Buddies
Edison's Career Day
Edison Elementary, one of Erie's newest CFES schools, hosted a Career Day for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Scholars on January 24th.  During the morning hours, each scholar could choose to attend three sessions presented by special guests from the Erie area.  These guests represented the following careers; restaurant business, safety technicians, the Erie Zoo, the fire department, nursing, the Bayhawks, beautician, chiropractor, Erie Explosion, College Athletes, and TV media from WSEE/WICU.  During each session, scholars heard about a typical day in this profession, the skills required for the job, and the education required to achieve this profession.  It was the first time in more than 7 years that Edison hosted such an event and staff and scholars were appreciative of the time and effort taken by their guests to learn first hand about some of the employment opportunities that exist in our town.
Edison Safety technicians