Harding Helps

Posted by Jim Rutkowski on 1/26/2015 12:20:00 PM

In December of 2014, teachers and CFES scholars became aware of the plight of the homeless in Erie and the desperate need for certain survival items they would help them make it through the upcoming winter months.  Harding’s Student Council, along with CFES scholars, published a list of items needed,  posted them in each classroom, encouraged all to participate, and notified parents about this project.  Items soon started piling up in each classroom, parents and grandparents knitted hats and gloves, and local businesses funded the purchasing of additional items.  The Upper Room shelter provided backpacks and just before the Holiday, students began filling each backpack with the survival items.  Before they realized the extent of the collection, more than 60 packs were filled and ready for distribution.  Some were needed immediately as the shelter overflowed with homeless and were housed at an area church for the weekend.  Without the school’s effort to provide these people with the basic needs to survive, there would have been many homeless suffering through the holiday, and for the students, it brings a new meaning to a holiday based upon peace, joy, and goodwill towards man.