Jefferson Mentors

Posted by Jim Rutkowski on 1/28/2015 10:15:00 AM

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, from 7:45 to 8:10, the Jefferson College for Every Student 5th grade mentors wait for their younger mentees to arrive at school and report to the gym to meet their mentors.  As they enter the gym, the mentors grab their folders, greet their mentees, and move to a quiet place in the gym to read and work on academic skills.  Each folder, prepared by teachers and teacher aides, contains reading material, worksheets, and a journal to track progress and note new words learned.  The mentors help these younger students prepare for the school day, talk to them about school, and most importantly, develop a strong relationship based upon trust and support.  This relationship extends through the school day as mentors and mentees touch base in the hallways, at lunch, and during special events.  The mentoring extends into some classrooms as the older students assist their buddies with science experiments, art projects, and filling the hallways with positive messages and student successes.  For the mentors, they realize that by helping their mentees, they are becoming better students themselves; reinforcing their academic skills, developing responsibility, and improving their communication skills.  For the younger students, they have a friend there to greet them at the start of school and a peer that watches out for them.