Day 02: Friday, Jan 25 (A) and Monday, Jan 28 (B)

Posted by Joshua Bischof on 1/28/2019

Today we began thinking about our research topics. There were quite a few steps to the process — if you don't understand the description below, see me for help.

You will need several of the documents from the Research Documents section on the right of my website.

1. Open up the Topics + Lens document. You will select one broad topic, and one lens through which you will examine that topic. For my example — which you can download on the right — I used sports + psychology.

2. Open up the Research Question Worksheet — you will do all of your work on there. Begin by filling in the top section: your topic, lens, and a really broad, really generic research question.

3. Using those two key words, you will then do some research online. Your goals are to (a) be open-minded and (b) generate a list of topics within the relam of your broad topic and focus. (See my example.)

4. To do better research, check out the tips in the Getting More from Google document.

5. After you have generated a good list, write a focused research question. You will submit that to under the assignment titled Research Question.

Again, if you need help, stop by!