Monday, Feb 5 (A) and Tuesday, Feb 6 (B)

Posted by Joshua Bischof on 2/5/2019

Today we began working on our rough outline. The key word there is rough — this is your chance to begin organizing your ideas before we start taking notes in a couple of weeks.

First, you have a decision to make. On the right, you will see three different rough outline templates. You will choose the one that (a) works best with your topics and (b) best fits the approach that you would like to take.

Do you want to focus on the effects of your topic? Choose the first template.

Do you want to explore the causes of your topic? Choose the second.

Do you want to focus on ways that we can fix this problem? Choose the third. 

Your primary goal throughout this process is oto read, learn, and discover. The rough outline is secondary — as you read through sources and begin learning more about your topic, use the information that you read to begin filling in the rough outline.

You must fill in all sections marked with a triangle. The notes you take will be very rough, and that's OK. Be sure to record your sources at the end of the document. Look at my example on the right — that should help you.

If you have any questions, you know where to find me!