Friday, Feb 8 (A) and Monday, Feb 11 (B)

Posted by Joshua Bischof on 2/8/2019

Today was the final work day for the rough outline. At the end of class, we turned in our final rough outline, which is a 25-point grade. 

A few things I emphasied as we finalized the rough outline today:

  1. The Broad Context part should not mention your specific topic. Rather, you are discussing the context that your topic exists within. For example, if I am doing to discuss teeangers' addiction to their phones, I might use my broad context to talk about how prevalent cell phones are in our lives, to share some statistics about how many people own cell phones and/or how often the average person looks at their cellphone on a given day.
  2. The parts that you fill in can be either (a) a specific note that you found in one of your prelminary sources or (b) just a board category that you will take notes on when we get to the note-taking stage.

That's about it! If you have any questions or need some help with your rough outline, email me or stop by.