USAD team takes second, advances to national competition

Collegiate Academy took second in the state competition on March 16, qualifying for the National Competition in Minnesota at the end of April. The team won first in Super Quiz Relay: Micheal Staudt, Soleil Rosenzweig, Jack Kociolek, Jake Gehrlein, James Ross, Kevin Xu, Cameron Earl, and Garrett Macomber

Jake Gehrlein - Bronze in Essay 

Cameron Earl - Bronze in Essay and Literature; Silver in Social Science

Garrett Maccomber - Gold in Art; Bronze in Science 

Jack Kociolek - Silver in Music; Gold in Literature; Bronze in Interview and Social Science

Kevin Xu - Bronze in Music, Economics, Social Science, and Super Team on 9; Gold in Literature, Math, and Science

Joe Smith - Bronze in Music, Social Science, and Economics

James Ross - Silver in Literature

Soleil Rosenzweig - Gold in Interview

Congrats to the team, and good luck in Minnesota!