IN YOUR ESSAY... You must include the following as a BARE MINIMUM.

I.  Introductory Paragraph

     →Hook (DO NOT use a question)

     →Background Info (Who/What/Where/When/Why)

     →Thesis Statement (which creates topic sentences of body paragraphs)

II. Body Paragraph (3 to 4 of these, please!)

     →Topic Sentence

      →Examples from Texts (two MINIMUM per paragraph)

     →Citations of Examples (either in the sentence, or in parentheses at the end of the sentence)

     →Explanation (how do your examples prove your topic sentence, and how does your topic sentence relate back to your thesis?)

     →Transition (move things along to the next paragraph)

III.  Conclusion

     →Paraphrase thesis

     →Summarize main ideas of essay

     →Drop the Mic (say something thoughtful and get out of there while you can!)