Week of 3/23-3/27

So I've heard this a lot this week and I'm  sure your parents have too! It's been very difficult adjusting to our new normal. Our schedules are all messed up, many of us are staying up late and sleeping in. Sometimes we have been snacking all day (I know I have) instead of getting three good meals in. This week in my house we are really focusing on being on a schedule Monday-Friday. We all have daily chores that we are responsible for and time scheduled to do our work. Camryn has been logging on to virtual tours of places like the San Diego zoo, Seaworld and even the Great Wall of China. She is also using a fun free app called Duolingo to learn Spanish. Being on a schedule has helped us all have purpose in our day. This week maybe you and your family would like to come up with a daily schedule for the week. If your parents need help or you want me to look at your schedule I would love to see it! Send it to me at llafuria@eriesd.org. This week I am also working on a special surprise for everyone. Check back later this week or early next week! 


I love and miss you guys and have never wanted to be back at school more. I hope to see you all before the school year ends but even if we can't do that we will plan something fun for the summer!


With love, 

Mrs. LaFuria