High Frequency Words Lesson plan for week of April 6, 2020






Monday- April 6-  Make sure you write your words down on paper and put them on your refrigerator to practice this week! Today, say and spell the words to an adult at home.

Tuesday- April 7-  Make sure you say and spell the wrods to an adult today.  Play a matching game with someone at home at your kitchen table.  Write each word on seperate piece of paper twice.  Turn the papers over on the table and try to match the words.  If you want a challenge, add other words to the pile such as the, see, am, I, a.  Who ever gets the most matches is the winner!

Wednesday- April 8- Today, make sure you say and spell the words to an adult. Try to write a sentence for each word.  If you can not do it, have adult write down what you say.  Read the sentences and try to draw a picture that dipicts each word.

Thursday- April 9- Read and spell the words to an adult today.  Today, lets fold a paper and make sure there are 5 sections in your paper.  Write each word 5 times but to make it fun, write each word in a different color!  Study your words tonight so an adult can quiz you tomorrow.

Friday- April 10-  Today is quiz day! Say each word then spell each word.  If you miss any, try to write down that word so you remember then try again!  You can do it!!!