The Sassafras Science Adventures

by Johnny Congo Year Published: 2012 1935614207

The Sassafras Science Adventures series chronicles the adventures of Blaine & Tracey Sassafras as they spend the summer learning all about science. The twins were supposed to spend the summer at Camp Zip-fire, but when they failed to pass their science class, their father made them go spend their vacation with their crazy Uncle Cecil instead. Uncle Cecil was a well-known research scientist, but the Sassafras twins only knew him as the eccentric uncle who could never keep their names straight. Blaine and Tracey thought they were in for the worst summer of their lives, but President Lincoln and Uncle Cecil had other plans in store... In this volume the twins (and you) will learn all about the amazing animals that can be found around the globe. Don’t miss a minute of their summer-long zip line journey with crazy Uncle Cecil!