Mission Statement

The mission of JoAnna Connell is to assure that, within a nurturing and stimulating environment, each of our diverse students and graduates achieves literacy and appropriate core competencies, and becomes a responsible and compassionate citizen.

Welcome to JoAnna Connell

JoAnna Connell Elementary School

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to JoAnna Connell.  We offer a rigorous and challenging curriculum for all students. It is my sincere hope that you continue to see that “Educational Excellence=Successful Students” in all of the classrooms at JoAnna Connell Elementary School. Research tells us what is best for children of all ages and this information has helped us create the best possible learning environment for all of our students. Our teachers and staff know what students need to be successful, and they provide this on a daily basis in their classrooms. Remember that the most important things that children need are free. These include consistency and consequences, rules and boundaries, support and patience, and love and attention. I strongly believe that we can work together to provide these for our students to help ensure their success.

How to Reach Us

1820 East 38th Street
Erie, PA 16510
Phone: (814) 874-6785
Fax: (814) 874-6789
Mr. Joseph Orlando

Assistant Principal
Mr. Robert Causgrove

Bell Schedule

Opening Bell     Closing Bell
8:20 a.m.           2:30 p.m. 
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Connell  2015-2016
Erie’s Public Schools are committed to the belief that all children can learn and acknowledges that parents share the school’s commitment to the educational success of their children.
We recognize that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school and family and agree that to effectively educate all students, the schools and parents must work together as partners.
We define parent and family involvement as an on-going process that assists parents and families to meet their basic obligation as their child’s first educator.  We will promote clear two-way dialogue between home and school and support parents as leaders and decision makers at all levels concerning the education of their children.
All Connell families are encouraged to be involved in the planning, development and review of the School-wide Program & Policies at our school.  Connell encourages family involvement and supports the partnership between home, school, and community by providing information about curriculum, academic performance, and by providing training and materials for families to help their children succeed.
The Parent Involvement Program will include a school-parent compact and support the development, implementation, and regular evaluation of the parent involvement program by parents.
The Parent/guardian Involvement Policy will be distributed to all families annually in the fall.  It will be sent home with students.  Additionally, the policy will be distributed to all new families upon enrollment throughout the school year, as well as being posted on Connell’s website.

In the spring, all families will be given the opportunity to review the current Parent Involvement Policy to provide feedback or recommend changes for the next school year.

Parent/Guardian meetings, conferences, and events are offered throughout the year and at various times of day to best accommodate parents’ schedules.  Family nights that are held will be funded by Title I funds.

Parents/Guardians are informed annually of the School-wide requirements and guidelines, as well as expected academic proficiency levels and individual student assessment results (including state assessments).  Communication regarding School-wide guidelines occurs through family events, parent-teacher conferences, resources sent home, and the school/district website.  Information regarding student academic performance and proficiency levels occurs during parent-teacher conferences.  

Families receive an explanation of the school’s performance profile, the forms of academic assessments used to measure student progress, and the expected proficiency levels in the annual progress report distributed to all members of the community in the annual state of the district report and individual student reports mailed home.

Timely responses are provided to all questions and suggestions.  Families are invited and encouraged to participate in the education of their child through participation in Parent/Guardian Involvement events & activities.

The School-wide Parent/Guardian Compact  (found on back) commits parents/guardians, staff, and students to share the responsibility for improved student achievement.  The compact outlines the responsibilities so that the parent/guardian, school staff, and student can work together to help children achieve high academic standards.  It is distributed in the Fall.

Connell provides many opportunities for families to develop home/school partnerships in order to promote the education of their students.  Families are provided with support to monitor their student’s progress.  Student progress is monitored by report cards, assessment data, parent/guardian-teacher conferences,  parent portal and home/school communications.  Families are encouraged to participate and observe reading growth by reading with their child every day.  Our school provides assistance to families on how they can participate in decisions related to their student’s education.

Our school coordinates and integrates Parent/Guardian Involvement programs with other programs to best utilize volunteers, mentors, tutors, and funding. (like PTO)

We encourage parents/guardians to participate in the School-wide Parent Advisory Committee.  This committee meets annually to determine both the effectiveness and the barriers of parent/guardian participation.  These evaluation findings, along with parent/guardian surveys, will be utilized to design the following year’s program, and the results will be shared with all Connell families.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in an annual survey of the School-wide Program at Connell.  Data collected from the surveys will be shared with families and staff.  From this data, recommendations to the School-wide Program will be considered.
At Connell School, we will ensure the implementation of effective instructional practices across all classrooms through professional development, differentiating instruction, and flexible grouping.


As the teacher, I understand the importance of the school experience to every student and my role as a teacher and model.  Therefore, I agree to carry out the following to the best of my ability:
1.  Teach necessary concepts to your child.
2.  Try to be aware of the needs of your child.
3.  Communicate with you on a regular basis regarding your child’s progress.

As the student, I know my education is important to me.  It will help me become a better person.  I know my parents want to help me, but I am the one who has to do the work.  Therefore, I agree to do the following:
1.  Return completed homework on time and return corrected work to my parent/guardian.
2.  Report to school on time and ready to work unless I am sick.
3.  Follow the school rules and be responsible for my own behavior.
4.  Pay attention and ask for help when I need it.

As the parent, I realize that my child’s years in school are vital.  I also understand that participating in my child’s education will help his/her achievement and attitude.  Therefore, I agree to carry out the following to the best of my ability:
1.  Give my child a quiet place to study and encourage him/her to complete his/her homework.
2.  Make sure my child gets to school on time ready to learn.
3.  Attend Open Houses and Parent Conferences and keep the lines of communication open.
4.  Make sure my child reads and writes on a daily basis.

(***This does not need to be returned.)

Reviewed & Updated June 2015