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    Name: Elena Arnold

    Hi Parents!  This week has been busy for the teachers.  We are learning google classroom!  Starting on Monday, April 20, assignments will be posted weekly for the kids to complete.  PLEASE be patient.  This is new to all of us.  We will learn together as we go!  Below are the directions to enter the class.  If you click "directions" and follow step by step, it shouldn't be too bad, I hope!


    Your child's email is his/her lunch number (They should know these, we used them at school to log in). followed by eriesd.org:

    lunch number@eriesd.org  EXAMPLE: 123456@eriesd.org

    Password is the password they use at school to get onto the computer.

    If they don't remember, message me here or email me at earnold@eriesd.org and I can give them to you!

    You won't be able to see any assignments until Monday at 8 am!  Please try to join the class and have a great weekend.

    This video will help if you are unsure how to join the class:

    Getting Started

    School: Lincoln

    School Phone: 814-874-6685

    Room #: 302

    Classes: 3rd grade

    Click here for a video from Lincoln teachers: https://youtu.be/BaVdNjCPXsc

    Welcome Message: Welcome!
    To join our MATH google classroom, here is the code: jafq37w
    To join our READING google classroom, here is the code: igznu6k
    You have to join BOTH to see assisgnments starting on April 20th.