Mission Statement

  • The mission of JoAnna Connell is to assure that, within a nurturing and stimulating environment, each of our diverse students and graduates achieves literacy and appropriate core competencies, and becomes a responsible and compassionate citizen.

Spring PSSA

    Erie's Public Schools will administer PSSA Exams beginning on Monday, April 9 with English Language Arts for students in grades 3-8.
    Information for parents on the PSSA exam and a school testing schedule are available to view here (PDF). 

Welcome to JoAnna Connell

  • JoAnna Connell Elementary School

    It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to JoAnna Connell.  We offer a rigorous and challenging curriculum for all students. It is my sincere hope that you continue to see that “Educational Excellence=Successful Students” in all of the classrooms at JoAnna Connell Elementary School. Research tells us what is best for children of all ages and this information has helped us create the best possible learning environment for all of our students. Our teachers and staff know what students need to be successful, and they provide this on a daily basis in their classrooms. Remember that the most important things that children need are free. These include consistency and consequences, rules and boundaries, support and patience, and love and attention. I strongly believe that we can work together to provide these for our students to help ensure their success. 

How to Reach Us

    1820 East 38th Street
    Erie, PA 16510
    Phone: (814) 874-6785
    Fax: (814) 874-6789
    Jesse Williams

    Assistant Principal
    Rick Gudowski

Bell Schedule

  • Opening Bell     Closing Bell
    9:20 a.m.           3:40 p.m.