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    Woodrow Wilson Middle School provides a middle school experience to students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, within a student population of approximately 800 students of various abilities, needs, and interests. The faculty is dedicated to providing the complete middle school experience to our students. Woodrow Wilson Middle School prides itself in offering a great academic program which includes an honors program, regular education program, and a full spectrum of special education services. Woodrow Wilson’s athletic teams are consistently among the elite in the Erie City Metro League. Woodrow Wilson Middle School ensures that all students are involved in a club or activity by providing clubs and activities for all students during the school day. Woodrow Wilson believes that the Middle School experience provides the optimal educational experience that promotes the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of all middle school students.
          Woodrow Wilson Middle School  


    The intent of our Dress Code is to ensure that students present a neat appearance while at school.



    Shirts must be oxford, buttoned polo or turtleneck style with sleeves short or long

    Have a collar

    Shirts must betucked into the pants at all times 

    Undershirts must be a solid school color

    Shirts must be buttoned

    Shirts with decorative buttons are not permitted

    Any solid color (e.g., no patterns, words, pictures, etc.).



    Sweaters/sweatshirts may be crew neck, v-neck, cardigan or turtleneck

    May only be worn with a collared shirt or turtleneck underneath

    Hooded sweatshirts, fleece jackets/shirts are not acceptable

    Outside scarves and hats are not permitted

    Any solid color (e.g., no patterns, words, pictures, ect.)



    “Dress” or “docker” style only

    No jeans (no denim material) or sweat pants. Leggings, yoga pants, tights or stretch pants may only be worn under appropriate dress code attire (not by themselves) 

    Pants may not be oversized

    Must be worn at the waist

    Any solid color (e.g., no patterns, words, pictures, ect.)



    Must be worn at the waist

    Not after November 1 or before April 1

    The hem of shorts must be at or lower than the children’s fingertips when their arms are straight at their sides.

    Any solid color (e.g., no patterns, words, pictures, ect.)



    Must be worn at the waist

    The hem of jumpers and skirts must be at or lower than the children’s fingertips when their arms are straight at their sides.

    No tutus

    Any solid color (e.g., no patterns, words, pictures, ect.)



    Dress shoes


    Not permitted: high heels, sandals, open-toed shoes, flip-flops, slippers and “wheelies”. All shoes must have hard soles.



    Shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts with school name are acceptable.

    All other logos are not allowed.


    Non-Dress Code Days

    When a dress-down day is scheduled, the following are not permitted:   tutus, pajama pants, open-toes shoes, ripped jeans, hoodies, jerseys, drug, weapons, alcohol or smoking references. All shirts must have sleeves (no tank tops or spaghetti straps). Everything must fit. Additionally, shorts must meet the fingertip rule and may not be worn between November 1 and April 1.


    School officials reserve the right to make a judgment about any ambiguity in style, color, length, and/or fit of school attire.


    Family Engagement Policy


    Woodrow Wilson Middle School is committed to the belief that all children can learn and acknowledges that parents are important decision makers in the academic lives of their children. We will educate teachers, specialized instructional support personnel and other staff, with the assistance of parents, in the value and utility of contributions of parents and family members.  We will also educate these groups in how to reach out to, communicatand work with parents and family members as equal partners. We strive to implement and coordinate parent programs to build ties between home and school. 

    We as a school are here to aid parents in understanding the state’s academic content standards, student achievement standards, local academic assessments and how they can monitor their child’s progress and work with teachers to improve the achievement of their children. Parents will also be encouraged to formulate suggestions and participate in decisions related to the education of their children. These suggestions, as appropriate, will be implemented in a timely fashion. 

    All parents will be provided with a description and explanation of the school’s curriculum, the forms of assessment used to measure academic progress, and the proficiency levels all students are expected to meet.  Parents will be advised of the PA Common Core academic content standards, student achievement standards, and local academic assessments, as well as how to sign in and monitor student grades and progress using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.   

    A Title I meeting for all parents will be held in the fall of each school year detailing the requirements of the Title I programs and the rights of parents, and the School-Wide Support teachers will provide all parents with timely information about the Title I program and other related information. All parent meetings are advertised via Wilson’s Facebook page, emailed electronic newsletters, the school website, and One Calls.  

    Woodrow Wilson Middle School parents, staff, and students are all invited to meet jointly to develop our school-wide Family Engagement Policy and Home/School Involvement Compact in the spring of each school year. Relevant workshops, programs, and activities will be offered to our parents throughout the school year.  

    All parents will be invited to help create, review, and provide feedback for the improvement of the school’s Title I program at the end of the school year by completing a “Needs Assessment Survey.” This survey will also allow parents to provide feedback on parent involvement activities and make suggestions to help guide staff professional development for the upcoming school year. A Home/School Involvement Compact was jointly developed with parents that outlines the agreed upon shared responsibilities of the teachers, students and parents at Woodrow Wilson Middle School to improve student achievement.  If the school wide plan is not satisfactory to parents, any parent comments my submitted when the plan is made publicly available. Parents are invited to become involved in the revising and editing of the school’s School-Wide Program Plan, Parent Involvement Policy and the Home/School Involvement Compact, and are welcome to attend the planning meeting:  please watch Wilson’s Facebook page and website for additional information. 

    We will provide opportunities for the informed participation of parents and family members with limited English proficiency, physical or mental disabilities, and migratory status.  We will ensure that information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities will be sent to parents and family members of participating children in a language the parents and family members can understand.  Interpreters are available, upon request, to meet with you and your child’s teacher(s).  

    Title I funds have been set aside to help facilitate a wide range of parent involvement activities and these programs and activities will be coordinated with other Federal, State, and local programs that encourage and support parents and family members in more fully participating in the education of their children.  

    There is a parent resource table in the main office of the school.  We strive to provide materials and training to help all parents work with their children to improve their achievement; examples of training materials include: parental involvement training, literacy training, homework help, and technology use. Parents are always welcome to contact one of our Title I School-Wide Support teachers, Mr. Kuhar or Mrs. Mennow (814-874-6600), if more assistance or information is needed on any of the topics above.  



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Mission Statement

  • Our Mission:  To educate all students in a safe and orderly school environment, while recognizing the need to nurture and show compassion for the middle level student. 


    Our Vision:  To establish positive family and community relations, extraordinary learning, expanded opportunity and success for all individuals.