Welcome To My Class!
    Name: Mrs. Margy Luniewski  
    School: Lincoln Elementary
    School Phone: 814-874-6685
    Room #: 115 and 119
    Classes: Pre-K4
    Welcome Message: Pre-K , A wonderful place to begin to learn...
     Hi Preschoolers, Parents and Guardians,
    We are missing you so terrribly bad right now and wanted to be sure that you knew we were thinking of you! So much is going on around us and we just wanted to be sure that you are safe, healthy and happy!
    I know the K-12 students are using Google Classroom at this time, but Preschool Passwords are not ready as of this moment...when the district has them available we will send them to you. Right now we are asking a few things of you: Could you please send us a valid email address and a contact number including area code that you receive one call telephone calls from the district? This will help ensure that all information gets to you quickly and correctly. Please send these to: mluniewski@eriesd.org.
    We have done someting a little different for our little friends...we have created a new tab called Pre-K Choice Board on my District Preschool Web Page with many activities that will introduce and review all the skills your child will need to know previous to entering Kindergarten. We know there is so much going on in your world...just have FUN with your child! The page will begin Monday, April 20th! We will change these activities weekly and they include Math, Science, Reading, Movement and Creativity...the theme is SPRING!
    We love and miss you so much and remember if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at mluniewski@eriesd.org!
                                                                                                     Love and Hugs,
                                                                               Mrs. L, Miss A, Miss Simon, Mrs. D and Mrs. Fiske
    Pre-K Learning Online Tab
    The Pre-K Choice Board Tab can be found after the Class Resource Tab on this very site. Just click on the Tab and then click on the underlined Wecome to Pre-K  to begin. We hope that you enjoy the activities and learning experiences! We will update next Monday on this very website until we get notice from the District that something has changed with the passwords. Thank you for your patience!
    Pre-K Office Hours
    Teachers of all levels are to hold office hours for 2 hours each day to assist parents in any way possible. I am willing to help you get you and your child through this difficult time...please if you have questions regarding the skills on my Website or any skills your child may need to be successful in Kindergarten just email me at: mluniewski@eriesd.org . My office hours are: M, W, F...11:00-1:00 and T and TH...4:00-6:00. 
     We Miss You!