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     Fifth Grade Expectations


    School at home update: 

    Until we can all be in the classroom again, let's keep learning!! 

    Remember try to do Amplify and I-Ready each day for about 30-40 minutes per subject.

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    Welcome Message: 
    Helping students develop a love and mastery of reading and writing before they enter middle school is my mission.  Strong reading skills are essential to success as your child moves into his or her upper grades.  I see this year as a journey that hopefully will be both educational and exciting for your child.  
    “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” 


    Our reading block will be divided into the following sections:


    Wording with Words

     A weekly list of the featured academic words, root words, prefixes and suffixes will be sent home on the first day of the week.  These words will compose the spelling list for the week and will be tested on the last day of the week.  Our word work this year will stress learning and applying the structure of words to reading and writing. 


    Guided Reading

     This year our reading has been divided into two themes per quarter.  In each theme, students will work on mastering specific skills which will help improve their reading and comprehension.  During guided reading we will be applying these skills to a variety of fiction, nonfiction and poetry texts.   Weekly assessments will be given focusing on using text to find and support answers.  We are working on becoming more aware and thoughtful readers that understand our own reading and can find deeper meaning in text.


    Small Group Reading

     Small groups will be used to further target specific skills in a more focused manner.  This time will be used to address individual student needs and promote mastery of all skills.


    Independent Self-Selected Reading

     Students will be responsible to read books independently.  Grover Cleveland participates in the Accelerated Readers program where students earn points for reading independently.  These points are tracked and students will be responsible to meet individual and class goals.  Daily independent reading is one of the most important ways for students to flex their “reading muscles” and become better readers. Some independent reading time will be provided in school, but there is never enough time!   Please try to set aside 20-30 minutes a day for at home daily independent reading.



     Students will be writing daily using the Writing Workshop format.  Students will be participating in mini lessons to emphasis the forms and structure of writing and then have the opportunity to apply these lessons to their own masterpieces.  Grammar will also be a component of the writing block and will give students the foundation to be successful writers.


    Does this sound like a lot?   YES!     Are we always busy?    YES!!


    Do we have fun?   YES!!!