• Mr. G. Hofmann 
    Mathematics is the Language of the Universe!
    School:  Erie High School
    E-mail:  ghofmann@eriesd.org
    Room #:  210
    Classes:  Algebra II, Geometry (both use ALEKS.com).
    Hello! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, instructional support is moving online for the high school, until at least Spring.
    STUDENTS:  Make Sure that you can get online to your e-mail and Schoology.
    We will use Schoology as a meeting point, and through it we can get to many of the other websites and resources that we will use.
    I would also recommend the following websites to help all of my students with learning:
    * PurpleMath and MathHelp are both excellent free homework help sites.
    * Khan Academy  provides free video lessons for many subjects, not just math.
    * Desmos is a free online graphing calculator.


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