• Mrs. Peterson
    Grade 5
    Room 202
    Contact information:
    Class Connect Sessions:
                                                                              Monday 1:15-3:00
                                                                              Tuesday 10:00-10:35 and 1:30-2:30
                                                                              Wednesday 1:15-3:00
                                                                              Thursday 10:00-10:35 and 1:30-2:30
                                                                              Friday 1:15-3:00
              Special Help: Monday 3:10-3:30 (Class Connect)
    Welcome Message: 
    Helping students develop a love and mastery of reading, writing, and math  before they enter middle school is my mission.  Strong foundational skills are essential to success as your child moves into his or her upper grades.  I see this year as a journey that hopefully will be both educational and exciting for your child.  
    “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” 


    Please check your STRIDE daily plan for your assignments. 
    Each day you should have Reading, Math and either Science or History.
    Please be sure to remember to complete your Stride Arcade.