• Mr. Delsandro's Web Page!
    Name: Jake Delsandro   
    School: Strong Vicent Middle School
    School Phone: 814-874-6500
    Room #: 115
    Classes: Sixth Grade Math/Science
    I think a realistic goal is 20-30 minutes a day on one of the two math websites, (Prodigy or Aleks). This would total about 2 hours for the week. It seems like we will not be back for a while, which meens you need to be working on the skills we have covered. These programs will do that. I prefer you to do ALEKS, but I want to recognize the 3 people that did over 100 questions on Prodigy: Brieanna S - 272, Joseph M - 129 and Victoria S - 129. Good job you three keep it up!!!
    In a addition many of you don't know your multiplcation facts well enough (even though I have reminded you to study them throughout the year. You can Google timed multiplication tests (I only use 1-10, not the 11's and 12's) and think students should be able to answer 60 in 3 minutes or 100 in 5 minutes. Many can do that, but several still struggle. Use your extra time to get those facts memorized!!!!
     BRAINPOP: If you want to use brainpop go to the site. The username is Jakedelsandro and the password is: Camdenmaddie3:  Try that if you would like.
    4-1 You have 48 grapes, 30 apples and 12 oranges and want to make fruit baskets for the hospital workers. You want everyone to recieve equal amounts of fruit. What is the greates number of fruit baskets you can make to send to the hospital?
    3-31 If you go to the grociery store which bottle of sanitizer would be a better purchase. A six oz. bottle for $1.35 or 15oz bottle for $3.75. Please don't just say the bigger bottle because your mom is sanitizing everything and you have run out!!! Please find the UNIT RATE, how much it would cost for one ounce of sanitizer in each bottle. Or you can compare ratios.... or there is at least one other way. Try to explain how you got your answer not just guessing!!
    3-30 I want to plant a small garden and the space I have is 8.5 feet long and 3.5 feet wide. What is the Area of my garden going to be?
     3-27 . In the school cafeteria, 4 people can sit together at 1 table. If 2 tables are placed together, 6 people can sit together. (one on each end, and two people on each side) Draw a picture to help.
    a. How many tables must be placed together in a row to seat: 10 people? 20 people?
    b. If the tables are placed together in a row, how many people can be seated using: 10 tables? 15 tables?
    we were asked to add this survey to our pages regarding the yearbook. Please take time to complete it. 
    For Earth Day coming up here is a link you can click on that will teach you a little about littering and its effect on Earth. You can print it, but be careful it is a lot of pages. So maybe just print the interactive/work pages.
    You can email me to check in or if you have any questions!!
    I hope everyone is home and healthy. Stay smart and try to avoid contact with as many people as possible!
    My email is jadelsandro@eriesd.org Please email me if you have trouble logining into any of our websites.
    Ms. Scully and I sent home some pages on Friday providing information on how to log into different websites you can use.
           1. ALEKS : This is connected directly to the book and reviews key concepts we have covered. (You should know your login. If not please email me.)
           2. Prodigy : This is a fun math website with good questions and more of a game. (You should know your login. If not please email me.)
           3. Jefferson Lab : You can enter this address https://education.jlab.org/solquiz/  or you can Google "Jefferson Lab Practice Test" and choose the site that says SOL Practice Test. 
    Once there you can choose either 3 or 5 grade Science and then pick how many questions (I suggest 20) you want to do. You can also do Math on this site probably 4, 5, 6 grade depending your ability level. Again you can choose the number of questions you do. You can also email me results from any test you finish. I would suggest only emailing me the really good ones!!!
           4. ReadWorks : You also have a login (directions on Ms. Scully's page) into ReadWorks where you can do some Science reading. 
     Please do you what you can - even if you just go to "fun websites" but any reading, writing, and math you do would be great!!
    We hope to see everyone soon!