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     Week of April 14th
     Everyone should go to their Erie School District email page (see directions on the left <-----) to accept your spot in our Google Classroom!!  I sent all invitations last week.  Please email me if you did not receive an invitation.  
    If you have questions logging into Google Classroom, use this link to help answer your questions. 
    This link is located on the school districts website under Online Learning Information.
    Get all of the current ESD information by clicking on this link:
    On April 20th, our instruction is going to switch to Google Classroom.  I have been taking some time learning how it works. Until that day, keep utilizing the web pages and send your answers to me through email.
    Did you know all students can log into their SMART FUTURES  accounts and complete activities designed to help them start thinking about their own futures??  Click on the attached link.  To access the page, you will use the same credentials you use to log into the computer.   SMART FUTURES.
     This week's riddle (only one this week, but it's one of my favorites).
    Where does today come before yesterday? 
    Answers to last week's riddles:
    I have branches, but no fruit, trunk or leaves.  What am I?  Answer = a bank
    What can't talk but will reply when spoken to?   Answer = An echo
    What gets bigger when more is taken away? Answer = A hole
    This week's reflection: "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Robert Brault
    In order to submit your answers to the ELA and SS pages, click on my email link and send me an email. Ms. Scully's Email
    Try a Kahoot challenge.  Click on the links below to play any of the Kahoot challenges.  Let me know if you were able to access the challenge and let me know how you did.
    Kahoot Challenge - World Capitals - Use any resource available to you.  Have fun with this.
     Blast from the past video.
    Click on the link to watch a video about verbs. School House Rock - Verbs
    Click on the link to watch a video about pronouns. School House Rock Pronouns
    School House Rock Conjunctions  (This is one of my favorites).
    Let's have a great week!
    Feel free to contact me at vscully@eriesd.org with any questions.