• June 8, 2020. LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!! You are not required to turn anything in but you are encouraged to practice enrichment opportunities this week, or into the summer. These websites can be found under the "Web Resources" tab. Happy Last Week of School and if I do not talk to you, have a great summer!!!
    April 20, 2020- Log in to GOOGLE CLASSROOM to access your assignments each day. Follow the instructions under the "Google Classroom" tab if you have not set up your account. 
    The best way to contact me is through my email:
    My OFFICE HOURS will be from 10:00 -11:00 and 1:00 -2:00 each day Monday-Friday. Please email me with any questions or problems. Feel free to email me at other times and I will respond in a timely manner.
    Good luck with our new learning experience! You will do great!


    ***Starting April 20th, we will be using

    GOOGLE CLASSROOM for all remote learning.

    You will log in with your school district email (lunchnumber@eriesd.org).

    Go to the Google Classroom tab for more information on how to get started.

    Hello Everyone! 
    Until online learning starts on April 20th, continue using the calendar to access enrichment opportunities. 
    You can access online enrichment opportunites for my class by completing the steps listed below.  
                             1. Click on the Calendar tab to the left.
                             2. Scroll to find today's date. 
                             3. Click on the Math tab for that day/week.  
    Refer to the Online Enrichment Opportunities found under the "Web Resources" tab to the left for a list of websites you can use to practice reading and math skills. You can email me directly if you need your log-in information. For ELA- Make sure you are reading at least 20 minutes a day and working on Membean and IXL.
    As always, please email me if you have any questions or concerns.  I am happy to help! Ldivins@eriesd.org
    You can also refer to the HOMEWORK PAGE to access assignments during the school closure.
    I hope to see you all soon!
    Mrs. Divins
    School Closure- Parent Letter- March 17, 2020

    March 17, 2020

    I am writing to touch base with all of you in regards to these unforeseen events. In order for your child to continue to make progress, it is important that they continue to work on educational material from home each day. If he/she has access to the internet, they can continue to use the following curriculum websites to enhance learning. Students have been using these programs throughout the school year so they already have a student log-in and password. If for some reason they do not remember this information, you can email me directly and I can provide it for you.

    www.ixl.com (they can choose the diagnostic or learning pathway)



     If you prefer to have paper/pencil work you can contact me through email and I can make those accommodations for you. At this very unique time, I also urge you to have your student read, write and work with math facts as often as possible.

    If your child has an annual IEP due in the month of April, May or June, I will be in contact by phone to conduct the IEP meeting. Please be sure the office has an updated phone number on file. If you need to update any contact information you can call the office at 814-874-6050.

    Stay positive and healthy!



    Mrs. Divins

    8th Grade Learning Support Teacher


    Welcome to Mrs. Divins' page!
    Name: Mrs. Divins
    School: Woodrow Wilson Middle School
    School Phone: 814-874-6600
    Room #: 210
    Classes: 8th Grade Learning Support
    Extra Help Night: 
    Monday- ELA
    Tuesday- Math
    Welcome Message:

    Hello. My name is Lindsey Divins and  I am looking forward to an exciting year here at Wilson. Communication among the parent, teacher, and student is an important component for success.  I look forward to talking with you as the school year goes on. Please call or email me throughout the year with any questions and concerns you may have.  

    Class Preparedness:  Students are to be prepared everyday with all materials.  Each student is to come to class ready to learn with the required materials.

    Homework: Homework is to reinforce and apply concepts learned in class.  If students are assigned homework it is for reinforcement or it is because they did not utilize time during class to get the day’s assignment done.

    Missed Work:  If the student is absent it is his/her responsibility to make up any work missed whether it is notes, assignments, or tests/quizzes.  I highly recommend using extra help night for this. 

    Extra Help:  Your child’s academic success is just as important as his/her behavior.  Adaptations are made for unique learning styles.  There is absolutely no reason for failure.  Extra help night for mathematics is on Tuesday’s and ELA is on Monday’s after school.  If this time is not convenient, I am happy to accommodate the student with extra help before or after school provided advanced notice is given. 

    Accountability:  The students are responsible for all materials, assignments, behavior, and effort for a positive and productive school year.  There are no excuses for being unprepared or acting out in the classroom.  The discipline policy handbook will be referred to and followed for any misbehavior. 

     Classroom Expectations:                                                                

    1. Respect yourself and others. 
    2. Be on time and prepared. 
    3. Be on task.                            
    4. Be responsible for all your actions. 
    5. Work hard.

    If you have any questions or would like to talk with me, please call the school office at 814-874-6600 and leave a message or by email at ldivins@eriesd.org




    Mrs. Divins

    8th grade Learning Support Teacher