Mr. Webster - Speech/Language Pathologist

  • Hey everybody, thanks for checking out my page!  I'm Mr. Webster, the speech/language pathologist at Edison Elementary School as well as some students at Connell Elementary.  My job as a speech/language pathologist is to evaluate and provide therapy to students with communication deficits.  My goal has always been to help my students to improve their communication skills while having fun at the same time.  I love my job!  I get to laugh, have fun, and help students to become more effective communicators.  Check out the tabs for links to interactive websites along with ideas of how improve speech and language skills while at home.  

  • Contact Me:


    Phone: (814) 874-6470


    FLEXIBLE INSTRUCTION DAY!!  January 17 2024

    I will be available to meet by zoom today.  Students...Stop in anytime for some speech practice!  Use the link below to visit me today: