Using real world production projects to teach both the advanced manufacturing process and STEM concepts. We created a school based company, hired students and employees, design, prototype and mass produce products for sale. 
Presentation Abstract In our presentation we will discuss our experienced with creating an advanced manufacturing center within our CTE school. Topics will include: integrating CTE labs using the advanced manufacturing process and large scale projects, integrating Science and Mathematics into large scale CTE projects. and teaching work skills demanded by our local manufacturing base as part of the AMTC 

The Advanced Manufacturing Center took on the task of building 300 Replica Carronades of the carronades that were aboard the Brig Niagara during the battle of Lake Erie 200 years ago. We chose this project in accordance with our district wide and county wide celebration of the battle of Lake Erie Perry 200.

Goals and Objectives
Large scale project with Design, prototyping, Solid Modeling, CNC Machining, Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, repeatable and sustainable process control, Quality Control, as well as all associated Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

An essential component of the CT Advanced Manufacturing Institute is the integration of Academics into the process.  Hands on application level questions hit directly on the Common Core Standards.

CTE Labs Involved

• Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Design/3d Modeling
• Pre-engineering (Process, Laser Engraving, Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing , QC
• Carpentry (CNC Programming, CNC operation)
• Machine Trades ( Tooling, CNC Lathe, Post Process)
• Auto Body (Paint, Assembly)
• Life Skills Support / Special Ed ( Final Assembly, Paint )


• Meet with Curator Brig Niagra museum take pictures of  Carronade
• Get original schematics of Carronade
• Scale down to replica and redraw multiple views in Solidworks
• Create prototypes/ Mockups
• Create 3d Printer Rapid prototypes
• Create Separate Carronade CNC g-Code
• Create Cannon CNC G-Code
• Create Engraving G-Code
• Make final mockups
• Refine production process to decrease cycle time using LEAN process
• Create GD&T diagrams and Specifications
• Work with LSS workers to create Assembly process
• Run and refine Process for 300 Carronade
• QC Carronades