Welcome to Central Career and Technical School

STEM Program Encourages Leadership in the Digital Age to Help Transform the Economy in our Region and Beyond
Our STEM programs of study are part of a national education initiative encouraging students to pursue career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The state initiative is a key component in the nationwide strategy supported by the White House and U.S. corporation to assert America's competitive leadership in the global marketplace.

Our STEM programs curriculum encourages high levels of achievement. It prepares students not only for their PSSA and Keystone Exams, but provides the in-depth knowledge, analytical skills and hands-on experience needed to excel in college and build a successful career.

Our STEM initiative lets you focus your studies in one of three areas - Engineering, Health Careers, or Intelligence Studies. Jobs in these fields are among the highest paid and most needed in the US. All forecasts point to excellent job prospects - especially as new technologies and innovations create industries unheard of just a few years ago. If you plan to continue your education, it's possible to earn up to 15 credits toward your degree while still in high school from participating colleges and universities through our Dual Enrollment option. Also, statewide articulation agreements enable you to earn credits while attending CentralTech toward degrees and industry certifications from participating community colleges and post-secondary technical schools.