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    Name: Rebecca Powierza
    School: Diehl Elementary School
    School Phone: 814-874-6585
    Room #: 105
    Classes: Language Arts
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    Shout out to:
    Rene Valdez
    Completed the online learning packet! Way to go!!! 
    Shout out to: 
    Christian Fleming
    Ava Reisdorph
    Anuska Khanal
    Who have accomplished over an hour on Reading Amplify. Way to go, very proud of you. Keep working at it. 
    Shout out to:
    Jazarian Paul
    Bassam Alhusryeh
    Ra'Niya Jones
    Rhainn Joyce 
    Rene Valdez
    Who have been working on Reading Amplify. Keep working!!!