boy doing math work
     Amy Rupp
    Grade 2
    Room 110
     Diehl Elementary
    Hi Second Grade Families,
    I really miss you and hope that you are doing well. Since we can not be learning together right now, we are going to play school online starting MONDAY, APRIL 20th by using google classroom. Every Sunday there will be special little lessons and activities for you to work on during the week. Let's have them done by dinner time every Friday. I want you to keep getting smarter everyday so make sure you are trying your personal best. Love you all and praying everyday for you, your family and friends.  Like always feel free to contact me for any reason by emailing me at arupp@eriesd.org
    Hit the link below
    Then click on Mrs. Rupp's Classroom icon
    Here is our class code to join:    oz627rl
    This will give you step by step directions if you are still having a hard time. 

    Join a class as a student

    This article is for students

    To use Classroom, you need to sign in on your computer or mobile device and then join classes. Then, you can get work from your teacher and communicate with your classmates. When you join a class on one device, you're enrolled in that class on all devices.

    How to join a class

    You have 2 ways to join a class:

    • Join a class with a class code—If your teacher gives you a class code, use this code to add yourself to the class. Your teacher might give you the code while you’re in class or email it to you.
    • Accept an invitation from your teacher—If your teacher sends you an invitation, you’ll see Join on the class card on your Classroom homepage.

    Forgot or lost the class code? Code won't work?

    If you deleted, lost, or forgot the class code before joining a class, ask your teacher to resend the code or set a new one. If the code isn’t working, ask your teacher for help.

    Note: You only use the class code once to join the class. You are then enrolled in the class, and you don't need to re-use the code again.

    Join a class

    You must be signed in to Classroom before you can join a class. Unsure if you’re signed in? Learn more about how to sign in to Classroom.

    Join a class with a class code

    2. At the top, click Add Add and then Join class.

      Click Join class

    3. Enter the class code your teacher gave you and click Join.
      A class code consists of 6 or 7 letters or numbers. For example, hjhmgrk or g5gdp1.

      Enter class code

    Accept an invitation from your teacher

    2. On the class card, click Join.

      Click Join

    Keep working on these sites too! Have fun!
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          IReady    https://login.i-ready.com/
          Fun educational site   https://starfall.com
    Visit Meet the Teacher link to get more information