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    Something for Everyone

    Chrome Music Lab - This has many different activities that everyone should try. You can create music, experiment with strange sounds, and even draw pictures to make a song. Some of the activities look at music from a mathematical and scientific perspective, while other activities are just for the sake of fun!


    K-5 Links

    ClassicsForKids - Games and activities that help with note naming, discovering new composers, rhythm matching, and more. Anyone interested in learning more about instruments might also want to check out Instrument Families too.

    PBSKids - Check out these games and activities for younger students

    Inside the Orchestra - Interactive sounds of the orchestra

    Middle and High School

    The Metropolitan Opera - The Met has a lot of things to check out. I recommend clicking around the entire website because there is so much to see, but the link will take you to the education section. There you can find videos that go behind the scenes, and even Opera stories written in a comic book style (Illustrated Synopses). For anyone interested in watching an Opera, The Met is also streaming free Opera performances as part of their Nightly Met Opera Streams.


    Inside the Orchestra - Interactive sounds of the orchestra. See if you can name the instrument before scrolling over it!