• Welcome cyber families! 


    Here are a few general pieces of information to get you started! 


    Mr. Abatta- 6, 7, 8 Science- tabatta@eriesd.org 

    Mrs. Crump- 6, 7, 8 Math- hmartin@eriesd.org

    Mr. Falconer- 6, 7, 8 History- mfalconer@eriesd.org

    Ms. Zimmer- 6, 7, 8 ELA - bzimmer@eriesd.org  



    Cyber students must sign into K12 Stride each school day to be marked present for the day. If they do not login on a normal school day, they will be marked absent. If your child has an appointment or is sick, please email us any excuses or doctor's notes and I will forward them to our principal in charge of attendance. (You can also bring excuses into the school)  



    Each middle school cyber student is enrolled in four main courses: ELA, math, science, and history. Each day they are expected to complete one lesson in its entirety for each class.  This equals four total lessons. These lessons usually take students about an hour each. Keep in mind some students work faster or slower than others do. In addition, the length of the lessons does vary from day to day. On average, we estimate your child should be working anywhere from 4 to 6 hours each day.  


    Middle school students will also have the opportunity to attend related arts classes.  They will rotate on a three-week basis through Art, Music, and Gym.  


    Logging into Stride (the cyber platform) 

    1. Open Google Chrome  

    2. Go to eriesd.org  

    3. Top right, click students in the blue bar  

    4. Click on the white Cyber Choice Academy Grades K-8 Login button (has a book with confetti)  

    5. Login using initials + lunch number as both your username and password  

    1. ex-username- tt115545  

    2. ex-password- tt115545  

    *notice the username and passwords are the same  


    Once Logged into Stride  

    1. On the left after logging in, click on my schedule in the blue column  

    2. Click on the class your child wants to start with  

    3. After picking a class, they click on the blue link to work on the lesson 


    Extra Help & Supports Available  

    We offer many different supports and interventions to help your child succeed. If you have any questions about our extra help opportunities, please email us!  


    Cyber Labs

    We offer in-person cyber labs every school day from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Emerson-Gridley.   



    All middle school cyber students can retake any quizzes, tests, or assessments that they did not do well on originally. Same goes for essays or projects. If your child would like to retake an assessment and one is not available to them, simply have them email the teacher and ask for a retake. 


    Recorded Lessons 

    In ELA, math, science, and history, lessons are recorded and posted each day under class announcements.  Students can download the recorded videos to hear the content being read aloud, watch examples or demonstrations, and observe how to navigate the platform.  


    Daily Live Sessions 

    Have your student check their Stride schedule for opportunities to meet with their teachers LIVE!  In these live sessions, students can ask for help with the curriculum, assignments, or assessments.  


    We know this is a lot of information, if you need support with anything at all, please email us or call the cyber cell phone at the number below.  


    The Middle School Cyber Team-(814) 737-9138

    Mr. Abatta, Mrs. Crump, Mr. Falconer, & Ms. Zimmer