• Daily Schedule

    The following are some enrichment activities which are similar to what we would be doing in our classroom.

    *30 minutes of ipad time (M-W-F : iReady Math App, T-Th: Amplify Reading App)

    * Read a book: Draw a picture of the characters and setting.

    * We are studying Colonial Towns and Towns People: Google a video or story about Colonial Towns. Compare how they lived to how we live. How did they cook? What jobs do they have? What are their houses like? Draw a picture of what you learned.

    * Take a break: play legos, dolls, color, take a walk, rest, meditate, listen to music.

    * Eat lunch

    * Read a story for fun. Draw a picture of your favorite part.

    * Stretch/write some words. Use blends (cl-, br-, -ng, etc.) and digraphs (sh, ch, th). Try to change letter(s) to make new words. Eg: clap~nap~nip, etc.

    *Practice addition/subtraction facts to 10 (Eg: 10-2= __ , 6+3= __).

    *Count to 100 by 1's, 10's. Try not to skip any numbers.

    *Take a break.

    * Write 3 sentences using words from flashcards sent home earlier OR use words from stretching/writing you made earlier.

    *Try GoNoodle.com for dance fun and exercise

    *Practice tying your shoes!


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