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     If you are looking to do anything over the summer here are a few ideas... First and maybe the most important thing you can do is READ READ READ. I know- I teach math so if you want to do anything for that here are a few ideas:
    1. If you don't know your multiplication facts (and I mean know them immediately study those. Buy flashcards, download a game, or just repeat them over and over.
     Some of the same websites we have been using you can still use for free.
    2. I think our contract with Aleks is still available
    3. Prodigy is free
    4. Jefferson Lab (has different subjects)
    5. Khan Academy
    Mr. D.
    ALEKS: I think a realistic goal is 20-30 minutes a day on one of the two math websites, (Prodigy or Aleks). This would total about 2 hours for the week. It seems like we will not be back for a while, which meens you need to be working on the skills we have covered. These programs will do that.
    In a addition many of you don't know your multiplcation facts well enough (even though I have reminded you to study them throughout the year. You can Google timed multiplication tests (I only use 1-10, not the 11's and 12's) and think students should be able to answer 60 in 3 minutes or 100 in 5 minutes. Many can do that, but several still struggle. Use your extra time to get those facts memorized!!!!
    My email is jadelsandro@eriesd.org Please email me if you have trouble logining into any of our websites.