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    Name:Ms. Tracy Szobody
    School Phone:814- 874-6650
    Room #:205
    Classes:Grade 4
    Welcome Message:
    Welcome to 4th Grade 
    Ms. Szobody 
    Room 205
     Students,  I miss you all very much and hope you are well.  Please keep up on your studies, so when we get back to school you aren't too far behind.  I would like you to work on iReady math, amplify reading and , smart futures for 40 minutes each, everyday.  I will be checking your progress, so keep on top of it.  
    On April 20, 2020, we will begin online classes.  I have created a classroom in google.classroom.com.  You need to go there and you can join our class using code:  jqwoji7.  
    Students will be given assignments in Language Arts and math.  
    Parents I would like to invite you to my class, as well, however I will need email addresses.  Please send me your email at tszobody@eriesd.org, and I will invite you to the class.  
    Websites for 4th Grade Practice: