Any parent of a 4th Grade Learning Support student
    Please Email Mr. Bonniger so that I can be in contact with you over this period we are out.  My Email is listed below.
    Check my homework page for assignments to do while on this break.  You can access the assignment programs under either the class resources page or web resources page.
    Name: Mr. Jeff Bonniger
    School: Jefferson Elementary
    School Phone:  814-874-6650
    Room #:  206
    Classes:  4th Grade Learning Support Teacher
    Welcome Message:  Welcome to 4th Grade Learning Support! 
                                      If you have any questions please call or emial me.  I will get back to you ASAP!
                                        Contact me with any questions at:
                                        Phone- 814-874-1833
                                        Email- jbonniger@eriesd.org