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    Welcome to my page!

    Name: Ms. Grack

    School: Diehl

    School Phone#: 814-874-6585

    Room # 106

    Classes: 5th Grade


    Welcome Message:

     Hello. My name is Ms. Grack and I work here at Diehl with my 5th grade students. We have been working on a lot this year here in 5th grade. Don't forget after our spring break we only have 4 days and then students in the following week will be taking PSSA. So, make sure your son/daughter gets a good night's rest so they are prepared for our test :). My special help nights are Tuesday from 2:30-3:00. Any questions or concerns you can email me at Jgrack@eriesd.org or you may call the school to get in touch with me.