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    Name:Carla Harmon
    School:JoAnna Connell Elementary
    School Phone: 814-874-6785
    Room #:116
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    Welcome Message:
    Student Log-in information https://login.i-ready.com 
    Then your students will put in their username & password which they know (lunch numbers).  
    Information will be sent home on 3-13-20 with all students.  
    3/23/20 Ideas for math around the house
         *measure items around the house to the nearest 1/4 inch or nearest centimeter
               measure each side of your ipad, pictures, etc...
         *tell time to the nearest minute 
              use the old analog clocks so they can see the minutes or draw one if none around the house
         *count money 
              count all the change in your purse or give different combinations of dollar & cents
              play store and have them buy items and make change
         *complete 3 digit addition and subtraction problems with regrouping
              398          437          
          + 146        - 152
         *solve multiplication or division problems
              4 x 7 =                           42 - 6 =
    Amply Reading
    They will be sent home on 3-13-20 with all students on how to log on the website.
    3/23/20  Ideas for reading/writing around the house
         * read a chapter or a short book a day and ask questions from the story & write a summary
         *read labels on product and discuss the nutrientional facts or serving size 
         *choose a product and make a commercial to sell it (be creative, use technology, posters, scripts, etc...)
         *play board games that require reading and/or problem solving   

      Continued assignments will be under Class Resources on the left-hand side of page