• Welcome to my page!
    Name: Conor P. Connell   
    School: Pfeiffer-Burleigh
    School Phone:874-6750
    E-mail: cconnell@eriesd.org
    Room #: 114
    Title: 5th grade Learning Support Teacher
    Welcome Message: Hello Everyone, I am a special education teacher for the 5th grade. I was hired into the Erie City School District in 2014, spending all of my years at Pfeiffer-Burleigh School. I enjoy working with students and helping them become successful outside of PB. Any questions please call or e-mail me, THANKS!
    !*!*!* GOOGLE CLASSROOM - Class codes =  dm2j3nf  (Mr. Chiapa & Mr. Connell)      rhs24yq (Mr. Connell room only) !*!*!*
    Student websites: (click on link)
     I-Ready    -- Students will use their lunch numbers as their login and password. They can complete my path and teacher assigned lessons while at home!
     Amplify   --Students may not remember their login and passwords, please email me and I will repond with your child's login information.
    Smart Futures   -- Students will use eriesd____________ (fill in the blank with their lunch number) and their password is what they use to logon to their school computers