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    Mrs. Jennifer Schamber, M.A.

    Joanna Connell Elementary School

    1820 East 38th St.

    Erie, PA 16510

    Office: (814) 874-6788     Fax:(814) 874-6789

    Email: jschamber@eriesd.org

    Dear Families,

     I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself! My name is Jennifer Schamber and I am the PK-5 Elementary School Counselor. I love being a part of the Joanna Connell Elementary family; it is a close-knit and welcoming community, I feel very lucky to be part of it!

     My passion for school counseling began during my time as a student at Penn State University where I received my Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and then at Edinboro University where I earned my Masters of Arts and Certificate of School Counseling. I have 21 years of experience working with children. What I love most about the elementary level is the genuine curiosity students have in their learning and the world around them, as well as the opportunity for early intervention support that can have a lifetime positive impact on a child.

     As a School Counselor, my primary responsibility is to promote the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students.  Many times I get puzzled looks when I say I provide career development at the elementary level, but it is never too early for children to be exposed to the opportunities their futures will hold! I look forward to offering support to the  students, staff, families, and community.  I know this year will different than any other, but please know that we are all in this together. I am here to help with anything you or your family may need during these unprecedented times.

     You may have noticed above that I put in bold and underlined the word, “all” students. Sometimes when the term “counselor” is heard, some may perceive that a counselor may only work with a select few students in a 1:1 counseling capacity, but that is not the case! School Counseling programs reach and meet the needs of all students in a school through many various ways, including those listed above. I am here to advocate for all students. If you ever have any questions or concerns, or do not wish to have your child participate in these school counseling services, please do not hesitate to call 874-6788 or email me jschamber@eriesd.org at any time.

     I am so excited to work with your children and get to know you throughout the school year! Stay safe!