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    Wilson Middle School
    Pod C-Room #101
    Classes: 6th grade Math/Science
    This is my 6th grade Math/Science web page. Please contact me if you need anything or have any questions. My extra help night is Tuesdays. Please let me know if your child plans on attending. Students may also receive help during their Tutorial period.

    The following is a list of supplies that your child will need for my classes.


    3 ring binder (1 for Math and 1 for Science)-2 inch

    5 section dividers (2 sets)



    colored pencils

    Expo markers

    old sock or washcloth


    Please e-mail  me with any questions/concerns

    Grades are made up of tests/quizzes, classwork and homework. Homework is given daily in Math (except Fridays). Homework is usually given week by week in Science (due on Fridays).

     Let's have a great year!
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