• "When you know better, you do better". 

                                                                                                                         Maya Angelou


         Hello friends! 

         I hope you everyone is doing well, you teachers sure do miss you! 

         Make sure you check all of your teacher's pages to look for assignments and links to continue enrichment.  If you go to the web resources section of my page you will find links to iready, amplify, and other things that I find for you! I have included some fun videos from the cincinatti zoo as well as some reading fluency practice. Check out the Fry first and second 100 words lists included under web resources for some extra reading practice, especially if you are student who typically works with me on reading skills. 

         Did you know that you all have an email address?  To use your district email go to the district home page and click on webmail in the right hand corner.  To log in, use the same information you use for the chrome books at school.  Your lunch number followed by @eriesd.org and the same password you use for the chrome books.  Example:123456@eriesd.org     

         Online school officially begins Monday April 20th!! We will be using google classrooms.  You will use your district email and password to log on.  I will post codes to join your teachers classes as we get closer to that date.  You should receive information about that from the district as well.  

         The great thing about google classrooms is you can access it from any device.  You can even use a playstation or xbox. However, if you are in need of technology to access google classrooms families can call the district's IT department (874-6801) today and tomorrow until 3pm.  They can schedule an appointment to pick up a chrome book that you can borrow until the end of the year. 

          I miss you all!

                                                                                                                                                          Mrs. Fromyer

    Email Mrs. Fromyer at mfromyer@eriesd.org