• Harding Vision


    Harding School will prioritize high levels of engagement and personalized pathways to educational excellence for every student, without exception.  We will continue to maximize instructional time and analyze data regularly to make informed decisions regarding student instruction and staff professional development and provide more student-centered learning opportunities.  Targeted interventions will focus on increasing ELA and Math proficiency rates and completion of Career Readiness artifacts to ensure students are prepared for their next pathway.  Equitable access to instruction will be a priority for all students.  In addition, a focus on attendance recognition will motivate students to attend school daily and interventions will decrease chronic absenteeism.  As a Community School, we strive to create a school environment that is safe, secure, supportive, and welcoming to all students, families, and staff.  We instill in our students the values of diversity, inclusion, and kindness.  Students feel valued at our school and believe in themselves and their peers.  Our SWPBIS program is intertwined with our academics, and all Harding students are expected to be respectful, responsible, safe, and focused.