• Welcome To My Page!
    Name:Nicole Shutts   
    School: Edison Elementary
    School Phone: 814-874-6470
    Room #: 209
    Classes: 5th Grade
    Welcome Message: Welcome to 5th Grade Room 209!  I am excited to be here this year and hoping you are as excited as I am.  We will be a self contained classroom this year, meaning that all classes will be taught by me, in our classroom, except related arts.  We will be following a 4 day rotation, which means that we will have a different related art class every day.  Our class schedule will be posted so you can see what a typical day will look like for you.
     Hi!!! First, I want you all to know I miss you very much and I am thinking of you everyday! 
     I hope you are staying healthy, moving your bodies and of course, doing some school work!! 
    Please do at least 2 math lessons a day on i-ready and 45 minutes on Amplify.  You can do this!!! Take your time and compete the work, then plays the games.  I will be checking in to see that you are working hard while we are apart.  
    If you have any questions or just want to say HI, please email me at nshutts@eriesd.org and I will write you back!!
    Love you guys...Stay HEALTHY!! 
    Ms. Shutts
    PS- I will be posting a packet of work for you to print soon!! 
    Good Morning 5th Grade!!
    Today is Monday, March 23, 2020. 
    I miss you all and I hope you are staying healthy and enjoying extra time with your families.  Bella and Anna both say "Hello!" to all of you.  We are enjoying our time together throughout this, but I miss coming to school to be with you all.  What have you been up to you? Share anything you have been doing or if you have any questions.  Remember, you can email me anytime!! The message will come directly to my phone....nshutts@eried.org.
    Make sure you are completing 2 math lessons a day and 45 minutes of Amplify.  
    I love you all, 
    Ms. Shutts 
    Hi Boys and Girls!!! Today is Saturday, March 28.  I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!! I miss you all and I wish we were together during the week again.  Hopefully we will be soon! I hope you are getting on iReady and Amplify.  Please keep that up!!!  If you have checked this site and seen my messages, please let me know by emailing me or texting me 814.384.5484.  I want to know how you are all doing.  
    Love you!
    Ms. Shutts