• Welcome to 4th Grade 
    Name:Mrs. Rokosky
    School: Harding Elementary School
    School Phone: (814) 874-6550
    Email: trokosky@eriesd.org
    Room: # 214
    Class: 4th Grade 
    Welcome Message:
     Mrs. Rokosky's Classroom Rules:                                                                  Mrs. Rokosky's Lab Rules:
    1) Be prepared for class.                                                                            1) Stay in you lab at all times.
    2) Sit in your assigned seat.                                                                       2) Stay on task, talking only about the lab.
    3) Raise your hand  to speak or get out of your seat.                           3) Respect lab materials
    4) Have respect for others.                                                                        
    5) If you are absent from class please see me for your missed work.