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    Miss. Brianna Smerkar
     Pfeiffer -Burleigh Elementary
    School Phone: (814) 874 - 6750
    Room #: 120
    Grade: 5
    COVID-19 Homeschooling/enrichment update 3/23/19:
    I hope all is well with all students and families. From this week forward, I will begin assigning lessons or books on i-ready, amplify, and epic.  It is not a requirement to complete these teacher assigned lessons.  They are merely options and things I have selected that I know would be some good practice for our class.  You should continue to work on your paths on i-ready and amplify as they are great practice on your individual needs as students. I turned the games on for i-ready! Additionally, I will post links to some other online learning resources (under the web resources tab), including some science activities and articles, to give you a variety of enrichment options.  My plan is to update learning activities and my website each Monday morning, unless otherwise needed. So, check back each week for new websites and updates!
    I miss you all!!
    ~Miss. Smerkar