• Welcome to my page!
    Name: Jackie Blanchard   
    School: Harding Elementary
    School Phone: 874-6550
    Room #: 101
    Classes: Self Contained Kindergarten Class
    Welcome Message:
    Welcome to Kindergarten!!  This is a wonderful beginning to your child's academic education.  I am so excited to be a part of it.  They will learn letters, sounds, numbers, words, and much more.  
    Please check their bookbag and homework folder daily for important notes and or homework.  We will also be having a daily snack calendar that will go home the 2nd week of school.  Please try not to send in candy as a snack for the whole class.  If sending in drinks, please send in cups to go with it if necessary.
    I will also be sending home information on signing up for ClassDOJO.  This is a way for me to communicate with you throughout the day via text messaging.  You can see how your child is doing as well as any pictures tht we may take- we take a lot!  I hope that you all sign up!
    I'm looking forward to getting to know all of your children and teaching them so much!