• One of the most important items to organize your child will be their planner. It will be provided by the school. Each night they will need to fill it in and possibly have a parent signature. Other important items your child will need is a folder where work is sent home and or returned. The folder must be double pocket and can't be a binder due to size of the desks. 

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  • September Lessons 1-4 Unit 1 Math in Action Place Value to millions, comparing numbers, adding and subtracting to hundred thousand, and Rounding by place value to hundred thousdand

    October Lesson 5-10 Multiplication, Division and Number/ Shape Patterns

    November Lesson 11-12 Multiplying and Dividing 

    December Lesson 13-16 Fractions: equivalent,  and adding/ subtracting,

    January adding/ subtracting mixed fractions, multiplying, and fractions as tenths and hundredths


    January Lesson 17-21

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