• This is our daily schedule that you can follow at home

     Morning Activities
     1. Eat Breakfast
     2. Practice Skills/Activity Sheets
     3. Work on iPads(rotate between reading and math each day)
    CKLA Skills
     1. practice letters and the sounds they make
     2. practice stretching and blending words(frog)
     3. practice reading sight and tricky words(see list)
    CKLA Knowledge
     1. read a story
     2. discuss story elements (characters,setting,main idea, plot)
     3. talk about vocabulary words
    Lunch and bathroom break 
    Writing Workshop
     1. draw a picture
     2. write a short story about what you drew.
     try to include 3 good sentences
    Specials schedule
     1. Art-make a craft at home for spring
     2. Music-sing your favorite songs and dance/play a musical instrument if you have one/try to make a homemade instrument
     3. Gym-go for a walk or a bike ride/do stretching exercises/do gonoodle on your device
     4. Science-try to help in the kitchen with some cooking or cleaning activities
     5. Library-read lots of stories with your family
     1. practice writing your numbers to 50
     2. practice adding and subtracting numbers
     use play dough to make all the letters in the alphabet 
     practice tieing your shoes
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