Welcome to art class!
    Name:  Mrs. Ploszkiewicz
    School:  JoAnna Connell
    School Phone:   874-6785
    Room #: Art
    Classes: Kindergarten - 5th Grade Art
    Welcome Message:

    Thank you for visiting my art page! During this time, while we are learning at home, you can join my Google Classroom to complete optional art enrichment activities.  The following are my class codes for each grade level.  


    Kindergarten:  f5j3jsh  

    1st Grade:  kmtspxh  

    2nd Grade:  ohyna2e  

    3rd Grade:  azkwrkr  

    4th Grade:  77nxto6  

    5th Grade:  xqqv5np


    I hope you will enjoy completing the optional art enrichment activities in my Google Classroom.  I will add new activities every week while you are learning at home.  Stay safe, healthy, and creative!