• My name is Denise King.  Your children are amazing!  They are so curious and excited about learning everyday.  It has been fun to watch them grow these past several months.  I am very proud of them.  I will always be here to support you and your child in anyway that I can.  My email address is: daking@eriesd.org.  I am trying to reach out to all of you, however, I am missing some emails and a few do not work at this time.  Would you please send me an email so I can update my files and have a way to reach out to you and your children?  Please know that I miss them terribly and hope that everyone is well.

    As we navigate these uncharted waters over the next few weeks, please remember that the primary goal fo Pre-K is to develop the student's Social and Emotional growth.  Out of that comes learning.  To keep the children engaged in learning at home, read daily and ask them about the characters, places, and what is happening in the story.  Ask them to retell the story in their own words from beginning to end.  Draw pictures about their favorite part and label or scribe what their description is.  Talk about new words in the story to enrich their vocabularies.  Work on identifying letters and their sounds using flash cards that you can make together.  Practice writing their names, Upper case first letter and lower case the remainng letters.  Start working on writing their last name as well.  We will be starting that in mid-April.  The children can also work on counting up to 30 and recognize numbers out of order.  Let them count the silverware, cans of soup, Cheerios, etc., pointing to each item to show their understanding of one-to-one correspondance.  Go for a walk and notice things in nature and your neighborhood.  Bake some cookies, cupcakes or brownies (the possibilities are endless!).  Helping the children measure, mix and portion out batters helps develop fine and gross motor skills, plus the results are delicious! The children get very excited when they find acorns, leaves or anything else you might see on a walk.  I can be reached through email at daking@eriesd.org at any time.   Keep checking back here as I will update you with  more resources as they become available.  Remember..... Children learn best through play!