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    • Monday June 20th - First Day of S.A.I.L summer program
    • Friday July 29th - Last Day of S.A.I.L summer program
    • Tuesday August 9th - Kindergarten Kick-Off for all Harding incoming Kindergarten students and families
    • Monday August 29th - First Day of School
    • Friday September 2nd - No School
    • Monday September 5th - No School - Labor Day Holiday

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    Harding Elementary School Important Posts

    S.A.I.L. Summer School Important Information


    click the link below to access the permission slip

    Harding SAIL Permission Slip

    The SAIL Summer School program starts this Monday, June 20th.

    • First we are asking that if your student still has their ipad or chromebook with them at home, please send it with them on the first day.
    • The summer school program runs from 8a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
    • If your student is riding the bus, please be with them at the bus stop 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive and be waiting for them at the scheduled drop off time. 
    • If you are dropping off and picking up your student, please have them here at school promptly between 7:45 and 8 a.m. at the parking lot side main lobby doors.
    • At the 12:30 dismissal time, pick up students will be exiting the building from the cafeteria doors by the playground. To ensure the safety of all students, please park near the playground and be ready to greet your student and walk them to your vehicle.

    We are looking forward to a fun summer of learning and as always, please call the main office with any questions at 874-6550.




    The following letter was sent home with all students on June 2, 2022:


     Dear Parents, 

     As we approach the end of the year, it is important that families be aware of the district policy for the devices that were issued to your student(s). This letter will provide families with the procedures for handling both ipads and chromebooks for the end of this school year.  

      The options for each grade level may vary so please read this letter carefully. 

    • Pre-K students: Send all devices and chargers to school tomorrow, June 3rd and they will be collected by Mrs. King and stored for the summer here at school. 
    • Kindergarten students: All devices will be sent home with students tomorrow, June 3rd. Students may either keep their ipad at home for use over the summer or turn the device and the charger  in to their teacher by Monday, June 6th. These devices will be stored here at school and used by them next year. 
    • ALL 1st Grade students: (including Summer School students) must turn in their ipad and charger to their teacher by Monday, June 6th. 1st graders will be issued chromebooks next year as 2nd graders. If they are attending Summer School, the ipad will be reissued to them on June 20th to be used during S.A.I.L. and then kept at school when summer school ends. 
    • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade students: All devices will be sent home with students tomorrow, June 3rd. Students may either keep their device at home for use over the summer or turn the device and the charger in to their teacher by Monday, June 6th.  These devices will be used by them next year. If your student is attending Summer School, they should keep the device at home and bring it with them on June 20th, the first day of summer school. 
    • ALL 5th Grade students: All devices will be sent home with students tomorrow, June 3rd and should remain with them at home for the summer. They will use these devices next year in middle school. If they are attending Summer School, they should bring the device back with them on June 20th, to be used at summer school.  
    • Note:  If your 5th grader is not planning to attend an Erie’s Public Schools middle school next year, the chromebook and charger should be turned in to the Harding School main office by a parent as soon as possible. 

    Any device that is still here at Harding School by June 7th will be stored at school for the summer and will only be released to parents who come to the main office to pick it up. 



     Mr. Yonkers, Asst. Principal, Harding Elementary School 




    January 4, 2022  COVID-19 Pool Testing Information

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

     In a few short weeks, weekly Covid-19 testing will be available for Harding students during the school day.  With your permission, your child would be tested weekly with a self-swab test.  The test would show if anyone in a “pool” is sick.  The test does not show who specifically is sick, however.  A diagnostic test would be given (“spit test”) to determine if an individual is sick. 

    Your child would continue to be tested weekly, unless you decide otherwise.  Please let us know in writing if you change your mind.


    Testing allows students, teachers, and staff to attend school in-person with confidence and to feel that they are playing a role in protecting their community.  Please call me if you have any questions about the process.

    For more information visit this website or use the QR code below. https://testcenter.concentricbyginkgo.com/minor-consent.

    1. Please scan the QR code below to provide consent for your student(s).

    2. Then, enter this access code for Harding: BWAKFS

    3. Finally, enter your child’s information, and you’re done!






    Effective Monday, November 8th:

    Harding School will continue to provide outside supervision from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m for students that need to be dropped off early at school. However, in order to ensure the safety of all students and staff under the COVID safety guidelines, we will no longer be able to bring these students in to the auditorium.  If you are planning to continue dropping your student off early this winter, please be sure that students are dressed warmly for the cold weather. Students will be greeted by staff and taken in to the building at 8:00 a.m. Students that are dropped off by families after 8:00 a.m. should enter the building through the Main Lobby doors.  Because of these changes, we encourage our families to drop students off as close to 8 a.m. as possible. For additional information, please call the Main Office at 874-6550.


    Email your student absence excuses to:


    Be sure to include the student's first and last name, the reason for the absence

    and the first and last name of the parent sending the email.


    Virtual Families Schoology Login Instructions

    click here for Instructions 


    Bus Information

    click here for bus stop locations



    Need an iPad or Chromebook for the 2021-22 year?

    Call the Main Office 874-6550 to set an appointment to have a device assigned to you.


    This will only be available to families that do not already have a device assigned to them.

    If your student left their device at school, it has been returned to IT to be cleaned and updated.

    In this case, you will need to sign a new device agreement and have a new device assigned to your student.


    Please click this link or visit the Parents tab on our website and read the agreement. This will make the process go smoothly when you come to school to have a new device assigned to you. We will have the agreements on hand here for you to sign.








    Our office staff is happy to assist you with any questions you may have. 

    The number for the Harding Main Office is: 




    Please call the Harding Main Office to obtain your Parent Portal Activation Key. 

    This enables parents to login in to Infinite Campus where you will have

    access to class schedules, attendance and grades.





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    Harding School is located at 820 Lincoln Avenue in the Northwest perimeter of the City of Erie, Pennsylvania. The school houses over 550 students and over 70 staff members.
    Mission Statement:
    Harding Elementary School seeks to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment where every student's self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with students and staff. We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved on our students' learning.