• World Cutlures AP/Honors/Regular assignments Click this link to access assignments.
    The best time for a quick email response is between 8AM to 3PM.
    You should complete the three following assignmnets in order:
    Any missing assignments (if you need the assignmnet email me, and I will email you another copy)
     Navaince career by subject worksheet, and upload it into your Naviance account
    Unit 7 note taking guide
    Unit 7 image packet
    Unit 7 Study guide
    You can print them out and complete, or complete on line and email them to me at jwarren@eriesd.org.  These should be done when we return to school, and if you have any questions email me at jwarren@eriesd.oig
    Name: Joel Warren
    School: Northwest Pennsylvania Colleigate Academy
    School Phone:
    Room #: 106
    Classes: World Cultures AP, World Cutlures Honors, World Cutlures, 
    Welcome Message:
    My name is Joel Warren, and this is my second year at Northwest Pennsylvania Colleigate Academy.  I am super excited to be here and conrtibute my knowledge and skills to further education in the Social Studies department.