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    Studenst should join the goolge classroom.  the code is cnakd6f.  This link will help you log on to the google classrom log on to google classroom
    The AP test is on Thursday May 21 at 2:00 pm.  Make up for the AP test is Firday June 5 at 12 pm.  All information needed to complete the assignemnts for this course is on the google classroom.
    You should complete the assignments in this order.
    The rise of Hitler and the Hitler timeline.  Due 4-24-20
    World War II part 1                                Due 5-1-20
     World War II part 2 and D-day               Due  5-8-20
    World War II part 3                                Due  5-15-20
    Cold War beginnings                              Due   5-22-20
    Cold War Conflicts                                 Due   5-29-20
    End of the Cold War and 9/11                 Due   6-5-20
    If you have any questions please email me at jwarren@eriesd.org   
    Name: Joel Warren
    School: Northwest Pennsylvania Colleigate Academy
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    Room #: 106
    Classes: World Cultures AP, World Cutlures Honors, World Cutlures, 
    Welcome Message:
    My name is Joel Warren, and this is my second year at Northwest Pennsylvania Colleigate Academy.  I am super excited to be here and conrtibute my knowledge and skills to further education in the Social Studies department.